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My First Uber Ride + Unlimited RM 30 Uber Coupon Giveaway

Almost a year after UBER soft launched in Malaysia last year, I’ve finally tried UBER in July.


One day in July, I planned to travel from Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital to Sunway Pyramid. I was thinking the following options:

1. LRT – but take many transit and times.

2. Bus – I have no idea which number of bus is going this route.

3. Taxi – this should be my most convenience choice.

I was thinking use MyTeksi, but one of my friend had tried UBER and highly recommend me to give it a try, and I finally decided to try it.

I was choosing uber Black, because during the time I took, it has only black. Although it’s ‘Black’, but the Mercedes car I took was Silver. XD

My trip was just 6.02km, but took 20 minutes 32 seconds, according to the fare chart below, my trip total charges was RM 12.09. It’s slightly higher than normal taxi, but the following advantages attracted me:

1. Follow the meter.

2. Which route, which junction, which turn all stated clearly in driver iPad. So no need worry about driver intentionally drive longest route.

3. Receiptless and cashless. All payment done paperless, via credit card or paypal. Continue reading My First Uber Ride + Unlimited RM 30 Uber Coupon Giveaway