Penang Food

Holidays coming? If you’re planning to travel for your coming holidays, I would suggest Penang is the best choice! This place full with delicious food and tourist attractions that for sure will satisfied you.

Those food must try in Penang, you will miss them after eaten….  🙂

I would said that Penang is a food town,  to those who are craving for delicious food, it is the place!

Everything with beef, beef ball, beef soup. It was found a restaurant beside New Lane road.
Kuey teow with beef soup
You can choose what you want to eat, either with added mihun/mee or without it. I like the soup so much.... This delicious Yong Tau Foo can find at Gurney Drive :)
Gurney Drive Yong Tau Foo
The most famous fried oyster in Gurney Drive! (Y)
The most famous fried oyster in Gurney Drive!
Thumbs up! I prefer mihun, so it become Loh mihun... xD
Loh mee
Sliced cooked shrimps, crab meat, tofu mixed with well cooked sliced turnips to make the stuffing.
It is not very salty if you thought that salted egg is very salty.
Gurney Drive Char Kuey Teow with salted egg
It is an Indian food that so called rojak too. It consists of shredded cucumber, potatoes, beancurd, turnip, tofu and somemore. Customer can choose up to 5 kinds of snack.
Pasembur in Gurney Drive
I found this in Dim Sum House (Dian Xin Zhi Jia), Anson Road (opposite to KDU college).
Char koay kak
This is really nice! The stall found near the Kek Lok Si Temple.
Vanilla flavor ice-cream, red beans, cincau and Atap(whitish oval shape)
Ice-cream ABC
Prawn soup, fried onion with special sambal
Penang Hokkien mee

Flight MH17 Shot Down by Missile Near East Ukraine

A MalaysiaAirlines passenger plane MH17 was reported lost contact today early morning 12.15am, and MalaysiaAirlines has confirmed it was shot down at 30km from Tamak waypoint, approximately 50km from the Russia-Ukraine border.

298 passengers included 3 infants and 15 crew was gone in this tragedy included Captain Wan Amran Wan Hussin, Captain Eugene Choo Jin Leong, Ahmad Hakimi Hanapi, and Muhamad Firdaus Abdul Rahim are the pilots on board, and another 11 stedwardesses.

Based on MalaysiaAirlines media statement, MH17, a Boeing 777-200, manufactured by Boeing in July 1997, serve in MalaysiaAirlines for 17 years and had a clean bill of health. The aircraft had recorded 75322 hours with a total of 11434 cycles and all communication system on the aircraft were functioning normally.

Below are the list of passenger obtained from MalaysiaAirlines media statement.

Nationality Passenger
Netherlands 154
Malaysia 43 (including 15 crew & 2 infants)
Australia 27
Indonesia 12 (including 1 infant)
United Kingdom 9
Germany 4
Belgium 4
Philippines 3
Canada 1
Unverified 41
Total 298

Some info of Boeing 777-200 Continue reading Flight MH17 Shot Down by Missile Near East Ukraine

Visa Requirement for Malaysian – South America Continent

Today will be the last day of Visa Requirement for Malaysian post. We end up with South America Continent.

You may be asked, why we do not post the information about Antarctica. Well, what to say, Antarctica has no permanent residents and whole area located in South Pole, cold, ice, and no military service or custom check. And the most important is we failed to find the related visa requirement information.

So, we advice you to check with Ministry of Foreign Affair Malaysia before your journey, if you really want to go.

Country Visa Length without Visa Enquiries
Argentina Not Required 30 Days Unknown
Bolivia Required N/A Outside KL
Brazil Not Required 90 Days Unknown
Chile Not Required 90 Days Unknown
Colombia Not Required 90 Days Unknown
Ecuador Not Required 90 Days Unknown
Falkland Islands Unknown Unknown Unknown
French Guiana Required N/A Outside KL
Guyana Required N/A Outside KL
Paraguay Required N/A In South Korea
Peru Not Required 90 Days Unknown
Suriname Not Required 90 Days Unknown
Uruguay Not Required 30 Days Unknown
Venezuela Not Required Unknown Embassy in KL

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