Flight MH17 Shot Down by Missile Near East Ukraine

A MalaysiaAirlines passenger plane MH17 was reported lost contact today early morning 12.15am, and MalaysiaAirlines has confirmed it was shot down at 30km from Tamak waypoint, approximately 50km from the Russia-Ukraine border.

298 passengers included 3 infants and 15 crew was gone in this tragedy included Captain Wan Amran Wan Hussin, Captain Eugene Choo Jin Leong, Ahmad Hakimi Hanapi, and Muhamad Firdaus Abdul Rahim are the pilots on board, and another 11 stedwardesses.

Based on MalaysiaAirlines media statement, MH17, a Boeing 777-200, manufactured by Boeing in July 1997, serve in MalaysiaAirlines for 17 years and had a clean bill of health. The aircraft had recorded 75322 hours with a total of 11434 cycles and all communication system on the aircraft were functioning normally.

Below are the list of passenger obtained from MalaysiaAirlines media statement.

Nationality Passenger
Netherlands 154
Malaysia 43 (including 15 crew & 2 infants)
Australia 27
Indonesia 12 (including 1 infant)
United Kingdom 9
Germany 4
Belgium 4
Philippines 3
Canada 1
Unverified 41
Total 298

Some info of Boeing 777-200

Boeing 77-200

Technical details

2-class configuration
35 Business Class
247 Economy Class
Engines x2
maximum thrust
Rolls-Royce Trent 877
76,000 lb
Maximum Fuel Capacity 117,340 L
(31,000 U.S. gal)
Maximum Takeoff Weight 247,200 kg
(545,000 lbs)
Takeoff distance at Maximum Takeoff Weight 2,440 m
(8,000 ft)
Operating empty weight 134,800 kg
(297,300 lb)
Maximum Range 9,700 km
(5,240 nautical miles)
Typical Cruise Speed
at 35,000 feet
905 km/h
560 mph
490 knots
(0.84 Mach)
Wing Span 60.9 m
(199 ft 11 in)
Overall Length 63.7 m
(209 ft 1 in)
Tail Height 18.5 m
(60 ft 9 in)
Interior Cabin Width 5.86 m
(19 ft 3 in)
Diameter 6.19 m
(20 ft 4 in)


Seating Plan

MH 17 Seating Plan

source: Seating Guru

Rest in peace MH17

For more info, please refer to MalaysiaAirlines media statement.

Families of passengers and crew may contact +603 7884 1234 (Malaysia) or +31703487770(Netherlands).

For media queries, kindly contact +603 8777 5698/ +603 8787 1276.

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