Funny Sheet of KLIA2

Flight Experience with AirAsia at KLIA2

I’ve booked an AirAsia flight via iPhone apps and done the mobile check-in in order to save the RM 10 over counter check-in fees. After that I was given an instruction to print out the boarding pass via self service kiosk via the AirAsia iPhone apps.

Once I arrived KLIA2, I went to the self service kiosk to print the boarding pass, but all the kiosk near the entrance was out of electricity. Then I went to the self service kiosk near the check-in counter as shown in the picture below.

Kiosk at KLIA2

Unfortunately all the self service kiosk displayed the following message:

Please be informed that Kiosk Check-in System is Not Available.

Please proceed to Check-in counters.

Thank you.

Then I went to AirAsia customer service and the staff told me to proceed to counter V1 to print out the boarding pass. Other V counters are for dropped off baggage, T counters for local flights, U counters for international flights, S counters for premium customers.

KLIA2 Check In Counter

Thank you AirAsia and Malaysia Airports who operate the KLIA2 for offering me such a bad experience and misguidance.

Update: AirAsia staff told that AirAsia won’t have kiosk function in KLIA2 neither now nor future.

However, some useful information are still available at KLIA2.

KLIA2 Walking Advice

Walking time advice at KLIA2.

KLIA2 Airport Tax

I’ve no idea why they displayed the airport tax charges at KLIA2 while I never saw such info at KLIA. Is it trying to prevent airlines over change passengers? :p

Funny Sheet of KLIA2

I have no idea why aircraft can have free parking while passengers can’t get free parking. :p :p

Boarding Lounge at KLIA2

Boarding lounge at KLIA2.

Flight was smooth but the landing was not good. Captain Dennis and David, please do improve your skills, as I never had such bad landing with AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, British Airways, Austrian Airlines and Air Berlin before.

What’s your flight experience at KLIA2? Share with us here. XD

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5 thoughts on “Flight Experience with AirAsia at KLIA2”

  1. the first and the last step is what during i am in air asia? first time flight no experience….. need to do what first?

    1. Hi,
      Make sure check in online at and go to counter to drop off your baggage, if you have.
      Otherwise just walk to the gate and wait for boarding.
      Don’t forget to print out your boarding pass as well.
      Have a pleasant flight.

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